Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart of my Heart

This is the organ that transcends the boundaries that I place on physical, emotional and spiritual energies. It is the palpable indicative that vibrates rhythmically and if I choose to listen, can tell me exactly where I am.

I have never heard someone say ‘you’ve got a lot of liver’ or ‘you are the kidney of this team’.


The descriptive is ‘heart’.

Physically represented as a gaggle of cells hosted close to my center of being, my heart is the tangible example of the simplest of vibration. It is the core of not only my emotional, but my spiritual essence as well.

All pathways lead in, through and out of my heart, with the blood of life force entering in through the door with distinct characteristics and out through the exit as ‘new and improved’. Through choice of foods, liquids, vitamins and holistic health, I can keep the alleyways free from debris and allow my liquid gold to free flow, thereby supporting every beat.

What impact do my emotional status and my spiritual beliefs have on it`s efficiency?

Is it the center of my being?

Questions I choose to explore ...


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