Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sun.

It’s very appearance first thing in the morning is an awesome event. Every day that it "horizes" from the East, I feel its warmth – not just physically - I feel it emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I miss it when it is not there; however, its absence is an illusion evident whenever the clouds dissipate.

Ability and talent is like that.

That they are ‘unknown’ or not visible, presents to me the notion that I am not able or capable of performing them.

As awareness ( that is my Sun ) emerges from the cloud cover of my mind, I tend to believe that anything is indeed ... possible.

Take the piano for instance. It takes one finger on any key to play it and as I choose others and even combine a few, the tones, the vibrations, my choices, expand the ‘music’.

How it sounds – that is mere judgment.

The fact is that I am playing. The music is there. It requires only my fingers to enliven it.

Hidden talents?

Much like the sun, they remain there until the unknown becomes known.

And choice is the activation fee.

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